Previous work

I have written for a variety of other blogs, some of which  are now defunct.

Below is a series of my favorite posts from two such blogs that I thought worth compiling here. Thanks to Jack Boitani and Aine Young from Catcher in the Reel and Matt Ellis from Pilvax Magazine for kind permission to repost.

Catcher in the Reel

Summer Web Series Series: Squaresville
(originally published 23 November)

Summer Web Series Series: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
(originally published 2 October 2014, by guest blogger Martha Shearer)

Summer Web Series Series: The Guild
(originally published 15 September 2014)

Summer Web Series Series: Lonelygirl15
(originally published 24 August 2014)

Summer Web Series Series: Introduction
(originally published 4 August 2014)

Some Thoughts on the Passing of Gordon Willis and the Demise of the Auteur
(originally published 25 May 2014)

Movie or Not, We Can still Be Friends: Veronica Mars the Movie (review)
(originally published 18 May 2014)

The Sensuous Life is a Perilous Venture: Under the Skin (review)
(originally published 12 April 2014)

The Necessity of Fiction: The Grand Budapest Hotel (review)
(originally published 3 April 2014)

Maturity Delayed: Narrative, Form, and Character in the Films of Wes Anderson
originally published 16 March 2014)

The Round-Up: In Memory of Miklós Jancsó
(originally published 10 February 2014)

Pilvax Magazine

RIP János Tarnoc
(Originally published 17 September 2012)

Verse Revisited: “Arrival at Santos” by Elizabeth Bishop
(Originally published 13 November 2012)

Verse Revisited: “In the Waiting Room” by Elizabeth Bishop
(originally published 5 October 2012)